Fire Department

Week #5 for Recruit Class 2016-1

Tara Reyes | April 29, 2016

This past week, the recruits continued to build on what they learned from the prior week, especially as it pertains to the utilization of water supplies during a fire and pulling hose.  They were also taught about fire growth and were afforded the opportunity to extinguish live fires in the Burn Building.  Later in the week, the recruits learned how to pull and advance hose in multi-story buildings by using the Training Tower; this portion of their training included various methods of taking hose aloft via hose and rope as well as how to use standpipe systems within a building to fight a fire.

Fire fighter recruits in full turnout gear practice putting hoses together

fire fighter recruits in full turnout gear going up a fire escape on a training building

Fire in the training building

Fire fighter recruits in full turnout gear, attempting to put a fire in the training building out