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2016 Citywide Pavement Rehabilitation Project Begins

Brianne Elizarrey | June 24, 2016

The FY 2016 Pavement Rehabilitation Project has begun and staff is hard at work repairing deteriorated streets to return them to acceptable pavement condition standards, and extending their lifecycle. This year's project will involve at least 317 street sections which will be treated with one of several types of pavement treatments.

The large number of streets being treated this year has been made possible by the approval of the 2014 Measure C, which allowed a onetime infusion of additional funds over and above the annual funds the city receives from Measure B, Measure BB, Gas Tax, Vehicle Registration Fees, and funds from the Street System Improvement Funds.

Visit the project webpage for more information about the project and to learn about some of the techniques staff will be using to rehabilitate the pavement.

To see if your street is scheduled for the pavement rehabilitation project see below.

Street List