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No Cost Residential Chipper Program

Now Accepting Applications

Tara Reyes | May 30, 2016

Man cutting down dry brush

UPDATE 06/23/16:

The chipping service has been unbelievable popular this year!  At this time we have booked all our available slots through the scheduled July 8th work period. 

Please continue to send in your applications, as we are now in the process of determining with the contractor how many more homes we can schedule to chip.  We will know by July 1st if we can include your materials in this spring’s work.  We hope to be able to chip your materials during the week of July 11th

If we cannot chip your  materials during this work period you will be put on a waiting list for our fall chipping program.  Please do not pile your cut materials in the street until you have received an email with a confirmation when we can chip your material.

HAYWARD - For the past several years, the City has applied for and received grant funding for its defensible space efforts, which includes defensible space training and a free chipping service program.  In brief, defensible space refers to the area between a house and a wildfire where the fuel sources have been modified to reduce the threat of destruction to the house.  The chipping service, which helps residents manage tree limbs, shrubs, and other cuttings generated from controlling vegetation that would fuel a fire near their homes, has proven to be extremely popular.

The first project, which was completed in the late summer of 2012, greatly improved fire conditions for residences located near Ward Creek.  The most recent project, which is was completed in 2015, focused on the Ziele Creek area.  The current edition of the project, which is slated to begin during the very end of May, will primarily emphasize the well-received chipping program as well as public outreach.  In addition, a new resident assistance program will be implemented.  This pilot program will allow up to five residents who have limited physical abilities or are in need of economic assistance to participate in the chipping program by utilizing the contractor (instead of the resident) to cut down vegetation on their behalf and subsequently stacking the fuel for chipping or green waste disposal.     

As is noted in the flyer below, this program, which will run from May 30 through July 8, is open to residents in the Urban Interface within the City (as well as Fairview) and will be administered on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  In order to apply for the program, please click on  the “2016 Request for Chipping” link below to access the required form.  For more information, please contact the Fire Administration Office at 510.583.4930.