Report a homeless encampment

Unhealthy encampment conditions

Conditions in homeless encampments can be dangerous to health. Garbage attracts rodents and other vermin. Food cannot be stored, and dishes cannot be washed properly, facilitating the spread of food-borne diseases. Depending on a camp's location, some residents might use portable toilets or public facilities, but most are likely to use an outdoor location. These issues can lead to major health and safety concerns both for homeless residents as well as the surrounding community.

The Street Maintenance Division will investigate service requests on homeless encampments in the public right-of-way. To report a homeless encampment in the public right-of-way, please submit a request below or call the Street Maintenance Division at 510.881.7745.

The Code Enforcement Division will investigate complaints on homeless encampments located on private property please contact the Code Enforcement Division: 510.583.4143.

Report a Homeless Encampment: