Beacon Award

As an award-recipient and active participant in the Beacon Program, Hayward has joined other environmentally-minded local governments in sharing best practices around reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and adopting policies that promote sustainability.

Mayor Halliday

The Beacon Award is a program of the Institute for Local Government that recognizes local governments that have implemented voluntary sustainablity efforts and have demonstrated lower use of energy, water, and resources as a result. Hayward received the Beacon Award at the 2015 League of Cities Conference.

In addition to the Beacon Award, the Institute also presented Spotlight Awards, which are for accomplishing individual elements of the full Beacon Award criteria. In 2015, Hayward received five Spotlight Awards, and in 2016 Hayward build on those sustainability efforts and achieved a gold level spotlight award for natural gas savings. The following are the current Hayward Spotlight Award levels:

  • Municipal Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Platinum Level
  • Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Platinum Level
  • Municipal Energy Savings: Platinum Level
  • Natural Gas Savings: Gold Level
  • Sustainability Best Practices: Gold Level

Beacon Awards