Special Projects & Studies

From time to time, the City undertakes special projects and studies in an effort to make Hayward an even better place to live, work, and play. Learn more about current and upcoming City projects on this page.

Hayward Area Recreation and Park Distict (H.A.R.D) and Hayward Unified School District (H.U.S.D) have many improvement projects happening around Hayward as well, to view more information about what they are doing, visit their websites. 

HARD Projects HUSD Projects

View City of Hayward special projects and studies below:


Department: Development Services - Planning Division


Summary: Planning Division staff is currently working on updating the Hayward Municipal Code to be consistent with recent changes to State law for ADUs and JADUs. In the interim of an updated ADU/JADU ordinance, Planning Division staff will defer to State law for development standards.


Staff Contact: Marcus Martinez, Associate Planner


Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance Update Webpage

4 story beige building against a blue sky

Department: Development Services - Planning Division


Summary: On January 14, 2019, Allied Housing, in partnership with their parent organization Abode Services, submitted Application No. 201900177 to construct a new 125 unit affordable housing development at 2595 Depot Road. 


Staff Contact: Leigha Schmidt, Senior Planner


Allied Housing Depot Road Project Webpage

Department: Public Works - Transportation Division


Summary: The City of Hayward’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan update sets forth detailed goals and objectives to provide a universally accessible, safe, convenient, and integrated system that promotes walking and biking. The update builds upon the 2007 Bicycle Master Plan, identifying opportunities to improve and enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Hayward. 


Staff Contact: Charmine Solla, Project Manager


Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Webpage

238 Corridor Lands

Department: City Manager's Office


Summary: The City of Hayward is leading the planning and disposition for development of 10 parcel groups of surplus property pursuant to a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).


Staff Contact: Jennifer Ott, Deputy City Manager | Monica Davis, Community Services Manager


California State Route 238 Land Webpage

Multi-color map of Hayward and the words City of Hayward Census 2020

Department: City Manager's Office


Summary: Once every ten years the United States is mandated by the Constitution to count every resident. The data collected determines how many seats in the U.S. House of Representatives each state has. It is also used to decide how to distribute billions of dollars in federal funds locally.


Staff Contact: Chuck Finnie, Communications and Marketing Officer


Census 2020 Webpage

A photo of the City Center Tower from below

Department: Public Works - Engineering


Summary: The City Council voted unanimously on Dec. 3, 2019, to authorize a $3.9 million demolition contract for the deconstruction of the City Center building—a nine-month process that begins with project mobilization and hazardous material removal in January and February, followed by five months of pulling down the structure, plus about a month of final site preparation and cleanup.


Staff Contact: Sammy Lo, Project Manager


City Center Tower Deconstruction Webpage

Fire trucks in front of the new Fire Station 6 on a sunny day

Department: Public Works - Engineering 


Summary: Thanks to the voter backed Measure C we will be able to build a new Fire Station No. 6 and expand our training center. Chabot-Las Positas Community College District will be partnering with us on the project.


Staff Contact: Yama Farouqi, Project Manager


Fire Station 6 & Fire Training Center Webpage

Department: Public Works: Engineering Division


Summary: The project entails a $12 million program of street repair and rehabilitation work covering more than 42 lane miles of roadway and expected to be completed by October 2020.

Residents along the 114 segments of streets to be included in the Fiscal Year 2020 Pavement Improvement Project will receive 72-hour notice of the exact time of the work from project contractor DeSilva Gates Construction.


Staff Contact: Project Manager, Yama Farouqi at (510) 583-4761 or yama.farouqi@hayward-ca.gov


Fiscal Year 2020 Pavement Improvement Project Page

Beige map of the project area

Department: Development Services - Planning Division


Summary: In 2008, the City initiated efforts to update the zoning of properties along Mission Boulevard from the northern City limit all the way down to the South Hayward BART Station area. The purpose of this update was to implement smart growth principles through form-based code, which differ from tradition zoning in that it emphasizes urban design, transit-oriented development, walkability, higher densities, mixed uses, and the public realm.


Staff Contact: Jeremy Lochirco, Principal Planner


Form-Based Code Update Webpage


Department: Public Works - Transportation Division



Summary: The City of Hayward is exploring opportunities to improve safety and enhance use of the 2.5-mile stretch of Hayward Boulevard from Campus Drive to Fairview Avenue. Once complete, the feasibility study will include long-term recommendations and preliminary designs for phased traffic calming and beautification improvements along the corridor. To secure funding for the implementation of these recommendations, public interest is key, and community members are encouraged to provide input throughout the process.


Staff contact: Jorge Simbaqueba, Project Manager

Brightly colored wheel graph

Department: City Manager's Office


Summary: The City is obligated to deliver essential day-to-day services, like public safety, permits and recycling. However, our community also faces critical emerging issues like homelessness and climate change. In order to continue our daily work to deliver key services (bottom of the iceberg) and also work toward solving pressing problems (tip of the iceberg), we need to decide together what to prioritize. The Strategic Roadmap will help us minimize time-consuming reactive tasks (or “fire drills”) so we can prioritize more meaningful work that will enable us to make progress toward longer-term, big-picture goals.


Staff Contact: Jennifer Ott, Deputy City Manager | Jessica Lobedan, Management Analyst

A rendering of the future Heritage Plaza

Department: Public Works - Engineering


Summary: On May 26, 2015, the Council approved the plans for the Measure C-funded 21st Century Library and Community Learning Center and Heritage Plaza project. The Heritage Plaza project began in October 2018 and included deconstruction of the old main library and construction of the Heritage Plaza. The Heritage Plaza encompasses a full city block in downtown Hayward, which is approximately the size of San Francisco’s Union Square. 


Staff Contact: Kevin Briggs, Project Manager


Heritage Plaza Webpage Heritage Plaza Live Construction Cam

Artistic Rendering of Huntwood Avenue


Department: Public Works - Transportation Division


Summary: The Huntwood Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Project will involve redesigning the two-mile stretch of Huntwood Avenue between Tennyson Road and Whipple Road so that it is safer for bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. The project will involve repaving and re-striping the roadway so that it includes such traffic calming improvements as protected bicycle lanes and a single vehicle lane in each direction. It will be implemented as part of the larger Fiscal Year 2020 Pavement Improvement Project. 


Huntwood Avenue Traffic Calming Improvement Project

drawing of an open park at sunset overlooking Hayward

Department: Public Works - Engineering


Summary: The new La Vista Park will take shape north of the extension of Tennyson Road east of Mission Boulevard and is planned as an active and passive recreation destination for the entire city—with 180-degree-plus San Francisco Bay views from a ridge trail, sports fields and courts, an amphitheater, yoga lawn and much more.


Staff Contact: 


La Vista Park Webpage

Department: Public Works - Engineerng Division


Summary: The Main Street Complete Streets project will improve pedestrian facilities and add bicycle lanes to create a safe, friendly environment for multimodal travel in the Downtown Hayward Priority Development Area. The proposed project will reduce the roadway from four to two lanes, add bulb-outs (curb extensions) at intersections, add bike lanes, improve ADA access with new curb ramps, widen sidewalks, create on-street parking opportunities that provide door zone protection for bicyclists, resurface and restripe roadways, and create an attractive, sustainable landscaping buffer along sidewalks.


Staff Contact: Alex Tat, Project Manager


Main Street Complete Street Webpage

Department: Development Services - Planning Division


Summary: Beginning in May 2018, the City partnered with consultant Community Attributes, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive nexus study for park impact fees. The nexus study calculates the maximum allowable park impact fees that the City may assess on new development in accordance with the Mitigation Fee Act and Quimby Act requirements.


Staff Contact: Elizabeth Blanton, AICP, Associate Planner


Park Fee Nexus Study & Update Webpage

two people working at an architect's table. there are building plans and a blue hard hat on top.

Department: Public Works - Environmental Services


Summary: The City of Hayward is considering the adoption of a reach code to electrify buildings and vehicles. The City is working with East Bay Community Energy to develop codes that will result in safer and more comfortable buildings, increase our electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and reduce our carbon footprint.


Staff Contact: Erik Pearson, Project Manager


Reach Code Initiative Webpage


Department: Public Works - Transportation Division


Summary: The project involves improving the access to and from Route 92 in the area of the existing Route 92/Clawiter Road Interchange. The improvements being considered include a reconfigured Route 92/Clawiter Road-Whitesell Street Interchange, West A Street extension from Hesperian Boulevard to Corsair Boulevard and Whitesell Street extension from Depot Road to Breakwater Avenue.


Staff Contact: Fred Kelley, Project Manager


Route 92/Clawiter-Whitesell Street Interchange Webpage

Department of Development Services - Planning Division


The Hayward Area Shoreline Planning Agency (HASPA), joint powers authority consisting of the City, the Hayward Area Park and Recreation District (HARD), and the East Bay Regional Park District, is preparing a Shoreline Adaptation Master Plan to determine the policies and projects necessary to prepare for sea level rise along the Hayward Shoreline. This grant-funded project will provide a suite of mitigation actions and policy recommendations to improve the City’s capacity to plan for, prepare for, mitigate against and adapt to sea level rise.


Staff Contact: Damon Golubics, Project Manager


Shoreline Adaptation Master Plan Webpage

Solar panels in an empty field

Department: Public Works - Environmental Services


Summary: The City of Hayward is committed to generating and utilizing renewable energy sources to operate the City’s Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF). Solar energy is an important resource in the WPCF’s mission to generate 100% of its energy needs and to export energy to PG&E so that other City accounts may benefit from energy produced from clean and green sources. Use of renewable energy at the WPCF is also helping the City meet its goals of reducing municipal greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 20% by 2020 and 82.5% by 2050.


Staff Contact: Suzan England, Project Manager


Solar Panel Webpage

Aerial view of the  Proposed South Hayward Youth and Family Center

Department: Public Works - Engineering Division


Summary: Since 2013, The City of Hayward, Alameda County (County), and Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District (HARD) have worked towards a shared vision of constructing and operating a new center at the corner of Tennyson and Ruus Roads called the South Hayward Youth and Family Center (SHYFC). The project site is on City-owned property and located at 680 West Tennyson Road. 


Staff Contact: Dave Hung, Project Manager


South Hayward Youth and Family Center Webpage

Students working with the watershed table

Department: Public Works - Environmental Services


Summary: Students grades 1-6 will receive a watershed stewardship curriculum in partnership with the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District (HARD). Students grades 7-12 will have an opportunity to assist with trash capture design, trash collection and the installation of a trash capture device. In addition, there will be an annual contest where students take photographs of trash, post them on social media, and receive cash prizes.


Staff Contact: Elisa Willfong, Project Manager


Youth Trash Capture and Watershed Education Project Webpage