Storage Room Applications & Wait List

Hayward Executive Airport owns and leases 28 storage rooms including 1 Small storage room, 3 Medium storage room, 16 Large storage rooms with a "man door" only, 6 Large storage rooms with a "man door" and sliding door, 2 Extra Large storage rooms with a "man door" and sliding door.

There are no storage rooms currently available, but we encourage you to apply and place your name on the waiting list. Please use the links below for information, applications, and policies regarding the waiting lists for the storage rooms.


1. There are two (2) types of storage unit waiting lists:

  • units with only a man door
  • units with a man door and full opening sliding doors

2. Storage Room units will be rented ONLY to tenants currently leasing a Tiedown or Hangar from the City.

3. Storage Room units must be vacated and Agreement terminated when tenant terminates their final Hangar or Tiedown Agreement with the City.

4. The waiting list is good for a period of one year. The list will be updated in September or October of each year.

5. Application must be made on a form provided by the Airport Office.

6. For information concerning the storage unit waiting list, call (510) 293-8678 or stop by the Airport Office for an application. When this application is completed, signed, and received at the Airport Office, it will be date stamped, and the time of day entered. An applicant’s priority number on the list is determined by the date and time.

7. The person whose name appears at the top of a specific list will be offered the first available space.

8. If a storage unit applicant does not accept a storage unit within 5 working days from the time notified, the next applicant on the waiting list will be notified. The applicant’s name will be reinstated at the bottom of list only if a new application is submitted.

9. Applicant will be dropped from waiting list for the following conditions:

  • Failure to renew application when requested by the Airport Office;
  • Failure to respond to notification of storage room availability after 5 working days;
  • Failure to provide current address and phone number; and/or
  • At applicant’s request.

10. Lessee cannot transfer or sublease storage unit. No additional names will be added to the rental agreement after storage unit assignment.

11. Applicants may appear on the two waiting lists, and may have possession of a maximum of three storage rooms at a time.

12. Parties already in possession of three (3) City-owned storage rooms wishing to rent an additional storage room will be placed on a secondary list and will not be eligible for another storage room until the primary list is exhausted.

13. Applicant may be denied storage unit space if applicant is in default of any other lease, agreement, or permit, or in violation of any Airport Rules and Regulations, unless the violation or default is cured with 5 working days of notification of storage unit availability.

14. The storage waiting lists will be posted publicly on the bulletin board in the lobby of the Airport Office.

No deposit is required but you do have to be a current airport tenant to be eligible to apply. We will include you on the waiting list once your application has been received and approved.

For more information:
Airport Administration
20301 Skywest Drive
Hayward, CA 94541