Airport Facts & History

Hayward Executive Airport has a proud past and a bright future as the premier general aviation airport in the San Francisco Bay area!
  • The airport was constructed and operated by the U.S. Army in 1942 as Hayward Army Airfield. It was used as a base for fighter aircraft during WWII, including the legendary P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning.
  • The City of Hayward assumed operational control of the airport in 1947 and it was renamed Hayward Municipal Airport.
  • Hayward Executive Airport plays a vital role in today’s regional transportation system. To help reduce airspace congestion, general aviation aircraft pilots are encouraged to use designated Reliever Airports such as Hayward instead of large commercial airports such as SFO, Oakland, and San Jose. This in turn helps reduce air traffic delays for airline passengers and gives general aviation pilots a facility dedicated to their needs.
  • The airport is 527 acres in size and home to over 426 aircraft, from small single-engine airplanes to sophisticated corporate jets.
  • The airport had 112,726 aircraft takeoffs and landings in 2014, a level comparable to some commercial airports in California such as Palm Springs and Monterey. Private non-stop international flights to destinations such as Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan occasionally depart from the airport.
  • The airport operates as an Enterprise Fund and is financially self-sufficient.
  • The City of Hayward is engaged in a continuous improvement process to enhance airport safety, such as the installation of a localizer navigation system that enables pilots to land with greater precision during inclement weather. Ninety percent of the cost of most major capital improvement projects is reimbursed by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Although not required for general aviation airports by federal or state regulation, the City of Hayward voluntarily provides an Oshkosh T-1500 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting vehicle for use by the Hayward Fire Department on the airport, and has also developed a comprehensive Airport Emergency Plan.
  • The airport accommodates emergency air ambulance flights, and local aircraft owners voluntarily transport patients for medical treatment as a public service.
  • Law enforcement agencies conduct flights from the airport to help safeguard our community.
  • Local media outlets use aircraft based at the airport to report breaking news stories and keep an eye on traffic conditions to make daily commuting safer and easier.
  • Approximately thirty small businesses at the airport provide services for the general public, including on demand aircraft charter, sightseeing rides, and flight training. In addition, over two million pounds of documents and other small air freight moved through the airport in 2014.
  • The airport requires pilots to climb and turn in ways to help reduce noise in surrounding residential neighborhoods. Specialized acoustic equipment and flight tracking software helps the City of Hayward monitor compliance with a local noise ordinance.