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Hayward Fire Chiefs and Captains breaking ground at the new Hayward Fire Training Center and Station 6
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Summary: The Hayward Fire Department is conducting a risk assessment to review the number and placement of resources and deployment. As our community grows and changes, this exercise is critical for the fire service to understand how call volume and incident type change and how we adjusted service delivery accordingly.

Fire trucks in front of the new Fire Station 6 on a sunny day

Department: Public Works - Engineering 


Summary: Thanks to the voter backed Measure C we will be able to build a new Fire Station No. 6 and expand our training center. Chabot-Las Positas Community College District will be partnering with us on the project.


Staff Contact: Yama Farouqi, Project Manager


Fire Station 6 & Fire Training Center Webpage

Summary: The Hayward Fire Department has called on all Hayward residents to take two important emergency preparation steps by going online to a new fire service-supported website called Zonehaven AWARE to familiarize themselves with new evacuation zones and signup to receive AC Alert emergency notifications.


The Zonehaven Aware website at is being built out across the Bay Area and State of California to establish a shared map with integrated databases that can be relied upon by residents and first responders for communicating and learning about approaching fire and other emergency conditions, and managing evacuations and safe post-disaster return to residences.


Through the combined Zonehaven and AC Alert technology—and public participation—the Hayward Fire Department and other Alameda County fire service and first-responder agencies envision being able to target emergency communication and the movement of people more effectively and efficiently during wildfires, earthquakes and other types of natural and human-caused emergencies and disasters.


In Hayward and the Fairview Fire Protection District, residents without online internet access to the Zonehaven AWARE and AC Alert websites, with questions or otherwise in need of assistance, can call Hayward Fire Department administration at (510) 583-4930 or email

Summary: The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 calls for localities to produce and adopt Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMP) to receive hazard mitigation grants and fully federally funded post-disaster Public Assistance. In 2016, an interdepartmental team participated in a regional effort to update Local Hazard Mitigation Plans led by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).


The purpose of this Local Hazard Mitigation Plan update is to assess hazard risks and asset vulnerability in the City of Hayward and use that information to identify strategies to reduce future losses from natural hazards. The LHMP served as a guiding document for the City’s hazard mitigation activities and was developed in fulfillment of and alignment with the City Council’s “Safe” priority and informed by General Plan Safety Element and Hazards Element goals. 


This year, HFD is undergoing a review to update the plan. We are renaming the report to focus not only on the hazards but also on our community's resiliency. We need the community to take the LHMP survey to determine what the residents' concerns are and overall feeling of preparedness.


Review the 2015 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan 

Summary: The Hayward Fire Department will use the risk assessment to review and further develop policies established for the distribution and concentration of fixed and mobile resources.

Summary: HFD is conducting a community-driven strategic planning process to ensure the Department's goals and the community's expectations and needs are aligned. The community can access our survey via link/QR code and learn more about this at Hayward's City Hall to You meetings. The survey will be active until October 8, 2021.


Visit the City Hall To You webpage if you would like more information about attending a meeting near you. 


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