Transient Airport Parking

Transient Parking is available at the fixed base operations on the airport as well as the Green ramp operated by the airport.The airport charges for tiedown space on a daily basis. An envelope will be affixed to your aircraft on the day you arrive, and payment is due at the time of your departure. Transient aircraft parking is limited to seven (7) consecutive days without authorization from the Airport Manager.
Aerial photo of airport transient parking

Transient Aircraft Parking Daily Rates:

For the most current rates, please check the Transient Tiedown section of the Airport Master Fee Schedule

To Make A Payment

Please place your payment in the (pre-addressed) envelope and return it to the airport administration office. Payment may be by cash, personal check or credit card (durning normal business hours). During normal business hours (8 a.m-5 p.m. M-F) you may pay in person or you may drop your payment in our mail box, which is located on the landside of the administration building, 20301 Skywest Drive, to the left of the main entrance door. If it is after normal business hours, access to the administration building from the aircraft parking ramp is by the blue awning bridge adjacent to the air traffic control tower. Be sure to note the security code to regain access to the aircraft parking ramp upon your return. You may also mail the payment using the envelope provided.

When Leaving Our Airport

For more information please call 510.293.8678 during normal business hours.