CALEA Accreditation

CALEA Accreditation - The gold standard in public safety.
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The CALEA accreditation program offers us the opportunity to enhance our reputation and the public's confidence in our personnel and operations. Participation in this program ensures that our policies and procedures are defensible and in compliance with internationally-accepted standards for law enforcement excellence. We seek to be a leader in law enforcement service delivery that ensures a safe, secure and desirable community. We value ethical and honest behavior, accountability and fair and equal treatment and are always striving to improve. 

The Hayward Police Department was awarded our first CALEA Accreditation in 2011. Since 2011, we have met CALEA standards and received our 4th re-accreditation in 2021. 

Download and review the 2017 - 2020 CALEA Compliance Review below:

What is CALEA?

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) is a public safety accreditation process. The purpose of CALEA Accreditation is to improve the delivery of public safety services, primarily by:

  1. Maintaining a body of standards developed by public safety practitioners, covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives
  2. Establishing and administering an accreditation process
  3. Recognizing professional excellence

CALEA Accreditation is a voluntary process and participating public safety agencies, by involvement, have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism. The program is intended to enhance organization service capacities and effectiveness, serve as a tool for policy decisions and management, promote transparency and community trust, and establish a platform for continuous review. CALEA Accreditation is the Gold Standard for Public Safety Agencies and represents a commitment to excellence.

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Contact Accreditation Manager, Scott Turner for more information:

CALEA Accreditation Manager, Scott Turner
Scott Turner
Hayward Police Department
300 W. Winton Ave.
Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 293-7190