white tactical vehicle

The legislation, AB 481, requires cities to publicly disclose certain types of equipment and material in possession of their police departments.
A female officer standing next to their police vehicle and the blue and gold CALEA symbol

CALEA Accreditation - The gold standard in public safety. The CALEA accreditation program offers us the opportunity to enhance our reputation and the public's confidence in our personnel and operations.
Officers Speaking to a community member

The purpose of these surveys are to measure the Hayward community's perception of a range of issues relevant to the Police Department.

The Hayward Police Department is committed to releasing officer body-worn camera footage of incidents in which Hayward police officers discharge service weapons in the line of duty.
UAS Drones on the hood of a police vehicle

We have adopted the use of small, remotely operated Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, as an efficient & effective way of providing law enforcement critical information to respond to calls for service & emergency situations, or to conduct criminal investigations.
Drawn image of many different people

In Hayward, we strive to be a community where everyone feels safe and supported, regardless of race or background.
A close up of a red EVOC training shirt and badge

Find links to documents in compliance with Senate Bill 978. You will also find other documents related to professional accountability within in our organization as part of our continued effort to remain truly transparent and open.