Public Safety Project Implementation Dashboard

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On May 18, 2021, Council received the final report from the Public Safety Policy Innovation Workshop and directed staff to begin implementing nine high-priority projects intended to address concerns raised in Fall 2020's community conversations on public safety. This dashboard provides regularly updated information, status updates, and contact information for each of these nine priority projects. As these projects continue to evolve, new information will be added to this page, including performance metrics and work products.

During the February 15, 2022 Council meeting, staff presented a 6-month update on project implementation, which can be found here.

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Project Description:


The purpose of this project is to conduct a needs assessment on incoming calls and outgoing responses with actionable recommendations, including providing additional emergency behavioral health and medical capacity in dispatch. Key tasks include issuing a Request for Proposals and selecting a qualified consultant, completing the needs assessment and study, and presenting results and recommendations to Council.




In August 2021, the City published an RFP that can be viewed here and contracted Federal Engineering Inc. to conduct the full scope of work. From January to May 2022, Federal Engineering consultants completed stakeholder interviews, onsite observations, surveys, data assessment and analysis, current conditions report, and preliminary recommendations. The project schedule and upcoming milestones are as follows, all occurring in 2022.


·        May 27: The draft Needs Assessment with recommendations and implementation plan

·        June 10: Final report

·        June 17: Presentation of findings

·        June 21: Data Systems Workshop

·        July 31: Draft report on data systems

·        Fall 2022: Final report on data systems, recommendations, and implementation 


Project Manager: Shanalee Gallagher, Management Analyst, Hayward Fire Department | | (510) 583-3910

Project Description:


These projects were previously named the Mobile Mental Health Response Team and the District Command Behavioral Health Clinician.


This pilot project entails creating an integrated continuum of resources to serve community members experiencing mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness. 


Two different mobile response teams will be deployed:

  1. Mobile Integrated Health Unit (MIHU) pairing a Hayward Fire Department (HFD) community paramedic with a mental health clinician from a community based organization.
  2. Mobile Evaluation Team (MET) pairing a specially trained Hayward Police Department (HPD) district command police officer with an Alameda County behavioral health clinician. 

The goal will be to get the right team or resource to the right call for service, improving access to medical, mental health and other supportive services and reducing the need for police officers to intervene.  Both teams will be piloted 40-hours/week.




The MET team launched in June 2021. The MIHU is recruiting for a full-time behavioral health clinician in partnership with Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center. The project "soft" launched on January 25, 2022 and is currently operational on a part-time basis.

Since the "soft" launch, the MET team has had 413 responses.


Project Manager: Dr. Emily Young, Psy.D. Youth and Family Services Bureau Administrator | | (510) 293-7048

Project Description:


Pilot a temporary behavioral health coordinator to provide daily coordination of the HEART program (described above), track program responses and outcomes, and leverage existing resources to maximize utilization of County and community based services.




The Behavioral Health Coordinator was identified in June 2021 and transitioned into the role on August 16, 2021.


Project Manager: Dr. Emily Young, Psy.D. Youth and Family Services Bureau Administrator | | (510) 293-7048

Project Description:


This project entails expanding existing emergency and temporary shelter services for residents experiencing homelessness, including solutions for those who decline typical services, such as safe parking or a sanctioned encampment, and non-congregate options, such as the hotel annex. For each new shelter option, deploy trained outreach workers into community on a daily basis.




This project will be considered and implemented in the context of the Let's House Hayward! Strategic Plan to Reduce Homelessness.


Project Manager: Monica Davis, Community Services Manager, Community Services Division | | (510) 583-4201

Project Description:


This project pilots using unarmed Community Service Officers to respond to cold calls such as vehicle break-in and property damage.




The Community Service Officer (CSO) Pilot Project was launched part-time and has been operating continuously since November 2021.  Under this pilot project, CSOs respond to non-violent, cold property crimes received by the Communications Center.  They conduct basic investigations, collect evidence, and perform other duties as requested, which is part of the HPD’s efforts to remove police officers from these low-level responses and to free them up to address priority crime issues in the City.  Due to staffing constraints, this pilot program has continued to operate on a part-time basis.  The pilot program evaluation is ongoing and the HPD continues to receive positive feedback from HPD staff and community members regarding the work the CSOs are performing.  There exist opportunities to expand the program in the future as staffing levels allow.


The project has responded to 99 calls and filed 54 case reports (as of May 2022).


Project Manager: Bryan Matthews, Deputy Chief, Hayward Police Department | | (510) 293-5047

Project Description:


Through this one-time participatory budget process, community members can submit and vote on proposals to increase connections in their neighborhood. The process will run from September 2021 - December 2022. We have divided Hayward into six sectors for this process. Each sector will have a budget of $50,000-$70,000, depending on the population and income level of the sector. 




This project website launched in August 2021. Learn more at:


Voting is now open from May 1 - 20. To vote, please visit the voting website here.


Project Manager: Mary Thomas, Management Analyst, Office of the City Manager | | (510) 583-4227

Project Description:


This project establishes a group of community members (particularly young people of color) to review and co-create HPD's training curriculum with a community-informed lens to incorporate community knowledge and concerns into HPD's extensive training.


If you are interested in participating in this project or would like to receive project updates, please click here.




This project will launch in Q3 of FY 2022.


Project Contact: Daniel Mao, Management Analyst, Office of the City Manager | | (510) 583-5536

Project Description:


This project entails contracting with an outside intermediary (non-profit or a firm) to field feedback and complaints from community members and serve as a neutral liaison to the City.




This project will launch in Q3 of FY 2022.


Project Manager: Daniel Mao, Management Analyst, Office of the City Manager | | (510) 583-5536