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What makes Hayward different:

Why work for the City of Hayward? Not only do we take pride in serving our community and providing excellent service, but we also value the heart of our organization, our employees! With a central and convenient location, diverse communities, affordable housing, and so much more, The Heart of the Bay is a great place to work!

The City of Hayward is committed to serving its community in a professional and refined demeanor. We are constantly searching for ways to improve the services we provide to our community and the way we treat our family that works for and/or lives in the City. Given the nature of the task at hand, we welcome new ideas from intellectuals such as yourself! If you enjoy the complexity of city public policy and team-work oriented tasks then you’ll fit right in with our big family.

We employ over 800 employees and have over 250 job classifications, ranging from entry level to professional management. Given the variety in career paths to choose from, everyone can find a position to call their own.

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