KHRT Channel 15

KHRT 15 is the City of Hayward's government access channel. Programming includes live and rebroadcast sessions of the Hayward City Council, Planning Commission, and School Board meetings that are conducted in the Council Chambers, as well as news conferences, public service announcements and news about City departments and initiatives.

KHRT – Channel 15 is a government access channel that serves as one of several official sources of public information for the City of Hayward. Its organization, operation, management, and editorial policy are directed by the City Manager via the Community & Media Relations Officer. Day-to-day operation of the station is delegated to the Information Technology Director.

KHRT-15 is not a public access channel; it is an official activity of Hayward’s municipal government, which is fully responsible for the content of the materials presented and views expressed, and is required to comply with all laws applicable to the operation of government access channels.

KHRT Online

Other ways to watch meetings stream live online, visit our Youtube Channel or the Meetings & Agendas Center