Investigations Division

The Investigations Division consists of investigative units that are primarily responsible for the follow up investigation of crimes committed against person or property in the City of Hayward. Detectives are assigned to the Criminal Investigations Bureau or the Special Investigations Bureau.

Criminal Investigations Bureau includes the Homicide/ Assault Unit, Special Victims Unit, Robbery/Property Crimes Unit and the Fraud Unit. The Special Investigations Bureau includes the Special Duty/Gang Unit, Vice-Intelligence Unit and the Narcotics Unit. The Youth and Family Service Bureau also falls under the command of the Investigations Division; offering an in-house Counseling Unit, Gang Prevention Services and oversees the School Resource Officer Unit.

For more information contact:

Captain William Deplitch
Criminal Investigations Bureau
Captain William Deplitch
Hayward Police Department
300 W. Winton Ave.
Hayward, CA 94544
(510) 293-7123

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The Criminal Investigations Bureau conducts follow up investigations that are generated from patrol officers. The Criminal Investigations Bureau is separated into three separate divisions:

  • Homicide/Assault - Investigation of violent crimes against a person that resulted in death or great bodily injury.
  • Special Victims - Investigation of child abuse, sexual assaults and domestic violence.
  • Robbery/Burglary/Fraud - Investigation of robberies, residential/commercial burglaries and embezzlement/money crimes.




For more information, contact:

Lt. Heather Linteo

Criminal Investigations Division

(510) 293-5041

The Special Investigations Bureau consists of several units dedicated to focus on specific crimes affecting the community. These units include Special Duty Unit, Vice/Intelligence Unit and the Narcotics Unit.


Special Duty Unit

The Special Duty Unit works in conjunction with detectives assigned to investigate gang related crime. These detectives are specially trained officers who are experts in the field of gang investigations.

This elite unit provides specialized police response to identified problem locations. It consists of experienced officers, specially trained in community policing and problem solving. They address:

  • Gang enforcement
  • Street level narcotics enforcement
  • High-risk warrant services
  • Specialized police response
  • Respond to urgent community concern

Vice/Intelligence Unit

The purpose for the Vice/Intelligence Unit is to actively enforce and abate liquor law violations, human trafficking & commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), pimping/pandering, prostitution, tobacco ordinances, illegal gambling, and other crimes deemed immoral within the city. The Unit is tasked with reducing if not eliminating these crimes within this jurisdiction. The Unit also reviews and approves security site plans for proposed new developments and reviews and approves various permits for new specified businesses, events proposed within the city, either on public property or on private property. This component is extremely important in thwarting potential issues, which would and could lead to a degradation of our community. The Vice/Intelligence Unit also hosts and coordinates the efforts of the Alameda County Vice Enforcement Team (ACVET), which is a part-time enforcement team that conducts vice enforcement operations throughout the county and includes local, state and federal agencies.


Narcotics Enforcement

We at the Hayward Police Department are very interested in working with neighborhoods in eliminating illegal drug sales and use. 


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For more information, contact:

Lt. David Dorn

Special Investigations Bureau

(510) 293-7104

Crime Analysis provides timely and accurate tactical, strategic, administrative and operational intelligence analysis of data relating to crime in support of the agency’s goals and community oriented policing efforts.


The mission of the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is to provide timely and accurate tactical, strategic, administrative and operational intelligence analysis of data relating to crime in support of the agency’s goals and community oriented policing efforts. The CAU is responsible for determining and monitoring criminal activity in the City of Hayward and communicating the information to Command Staff, Patrol, Investigations and other sections and units as needed for the suppression of criminal activities, aiding the investigative process and increasing apprehension of offenders.

Our Crime Analysis Unit is dedicated to helping the Hayward Police Department become more effective through better information. The information that analyst provides can help:

  • Solve crimes
  • Develop effective strategies and tactics to prevent future crimes
  • Find and apprehend offenders
  • Prosecute and convict offenders
  • Improve safety and quality of life
  • Optimize internal operations
  • Detect and solve community problems
  • Plan for future resource needs
  • Enact effective policies
  • Educate the public

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The purpose of the School Resource Officer (SRO) program is to provide multiple services to the students, faculty, staff and community that make up each school.

The SRO is assigned to a particular campus as the on-site law enforcement agent working as a liaison for the school district. The SRO works hand and hand with school administration to instill a sense of safety for all students and faculty members in order to create a safe place for everyone to work and study.

The SRO not only enforces laws and investigates reported crimes on campus, but also serves as an advisor and instructor. The SRO consults with students, parents, faculty, and community citizens with issues of personal nature that affects the educational process of each person involved. The SRO also acts as a guest lecturer in class where personal and professional experiences can offer a different insight to a particular subject matter the teacher may be instructing.




For more information, contact:

Sgt. Angela Irizarry

School Resources Supervisor

(510) 293-7054

YFSB is a unique part of the Hayward Police Department where police officers and professional counselors work side by side offering a variety of services to the residents of Hayward. For more information, visit the Youth and Family Services Bureau webpage below:






For more information contact:

Dr. Emily Young

YFSB Supervisor

(510) 293-7021