Neighborhood Alert Program

The Neighborhood Alert program is group of people living in the same area who want to make their neighborhood safer by working together in conjunction with the Hayward Police Department to reduce crime and improve the quality of life.

What is Hayward Neighborhood Alert?

Mission Statement
Hayward Neighborhood Alert, in partnership with the Hayward Police Department, establishes Neighborhood Watch Groups, educating and supporting them in crime prevention and safety to improve the quality of life in the City of Hayward.

Hayward Neighborhood Alert (HNA) is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in 1978 and governed by an elected board of directors. It is a membership organization.

Members of HNA may receive a periodic newsletter listing topics and guest speakers at the General Meetings, open to the public, held the last Wednesday of the months of January, March, May, September and October. The newsletter includes  crime prevention articles by Hayward Police Department (HPD) personnel. It also includes upcoming special events.

Community Meetings:

All Hayward residents and businesses are encouraged to attend the HNA General Meetings offered in partnership with the Hayward Police Department. 

For meeting date and times, visit our calendar.

Visit Hayward Neighborhood Alert’s website at, or leave a voice mail message.

or contact:
Hayward Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit:

Who can participate?

Become a member and join a special group of residents, like yourself, who care about their neighborhoods. Their enthusiasm and dedication make the philosophy of “Neighbors knowing and helping neighbors” a reality.

Participate in Neighborhood Watch meetings, community events, Car-A-Vans, and block parties.

Member privileges may include the HNA newsletter, voting rights, a city/police resource list, and a window decal.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

It is the name for an individual group of residents living within proximity of each other, headed by a Block Captain and recognized by HNA.

Neighborhood Watch involves neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance. They take pride in their neighborhoods and work to keep it looking attractive. They learn to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods. They learn how to fight crime, drugs, and gangs from their very own homes. They learn that they can make a difference.

Neighborhood Watch is the most successful crime prevention program ever offered! By working with your neighbors and the police department, you can help fight crime in our community the most effective way—before it begins!

Working together can make a difference in Hayward. HNA and HPD are here to help make each neighborhood a better place to live.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Group?

Any group of City of Hayward residents may organize a Neighborhood Watch group! The proposed Neighborhood Watch group should meet, appoint a Block Captain, and determine boundary limits for the area. Create a membership roster and become members of HNA.

Membership Roster

The newly organized Neighborhood Watch group submits their membership roster along with the name of the proposed Block Captain and street boundary limits to the HNA Board of Directors for approval.

Send rosters to:

Hayward Neighborhood Alert
P.O. Box 6322
Hayward, CA 94540-6322

What is a Block Captain?

Block Captains are the heart of HNA. They are the leaders of their Watch Groups. They set up neighborhood meetings; assist in planning block parties for their neighborhoods; listen to neighborhood concerns and issues; work closely with their HNA Board Representatives and HPD; and attend community meetings or Block Captain roundtables held periodically throughout the year, keeping themselves informed and passing information along to their neighbors.

Block Captains and Block Co-Captains must be members of HNA. Once the Board of Directors has approved the proposed Block Captain(s) they begin a process which includes a background check and clearance through the California Department of Justice. They must attend the Community Academy, a training program conducted by the HPD, that assists residents in knowing how to work effectively with the city and the HPD.

All residents of Hayward are welcome to attend this valuable training.

I'm interested! What are the next steps?

First Meeting:

At the first meeting, the group will organize, set up the watch plan and elect a Captain and/or a Co-Captain; determine your boundary limits for the neighborhood and create a membership roster.

Second Meeting:

At the second meeting, Police Department personnel will talk to you about specific crimes occurring in your area, when and how to use 9-1-1, and general crime prevention tips. Contact the Crime Prevention Specialist for your area prior to setting the meeting date.

Third Meeting:

The third meeting may consist of a presentation by Police Department personnel on home security. During this meeting, you will learn how to effectively secure your home and make it less appealing to burglars.

Continue to meet as a group:

Neighborhood Watch Groups are encouraged to meet at least twice a year after the three initial sessions to discuss events occurring on your block or to review some of the many presentation materials available through the Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit.

The subjects include:

  • Personal Safety
  • Auto Theft Prevention
  • Traffic Safety
  • Gang Awareness
  • Home Security
  • and many more!
For more information:

Crime Prevention Specialist North

Crime Prevention Specialist South