Income Tax Fraud

Income tax fraud is one of the fastest growing types of Identity Theft and the most difficult to prevent.
Income tax filing document

It cannot be detected by a fraud alert, credit freeze or by monitoring your other existing accounts. The only way to prevent income tax fraud is by making sure you file your taxes before anyone else can.

If you are already the victim of identity theft or believe your information has been compromised you may also file an affidavit with the IRS. Once filed, the IRS attaches a password to your social security number, which is sent to you prior to tax time and is required to file your taxes.

Unfortunately the Franchise Tax Board does not yet offer the same option.

If someone has filed a tax return using your personal information or you receive a notice of back taxes owed do to someone having worked using your personal information, contact the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board, in addition to the steps already listed above.

Do not assume that it is only your taxes that are affected.

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