Fire-Suppression-Weed Abatement Program

Here are some tips that can help safeguard you and your property:

  • Create a 30 foot (30’) “defensible” space around structures by avoiding flammable plant and tree species or species that tend to build-up dead branches and foliage.
  • Emphasize the use of high canopy trees and low growing shrubs and ground covers in landscaping your property.
  • Limit the planting of large trees near and next to structures.
  • Use plants that can be easily pruned and maintained.
  • Remove weed growth that exceeds four inches (4”) in height by cutting, mowing, discing, or rototilling in the following areas:
    - Areas between the curbline and sidewalk
    - Edging along fencelines
    - Sidewalks
    - Next to buildings or structures.
  • Prune all overgrown plants, shrubs or trees.
  • Remove all cuttings and dead tree limbs.
  • Remove dead leaves, needles, and other dead vegetation from rooftops and rain gutters.
  • Remove low growing tree branches that are within six feet (6’) of the ground.
  • Remove loose peeling bark (such as with Eucalyptus trees) that is within six feet (6’) of the ground.
  • Remove tree branches that are located ten feet (10’) or closer to any chimney.
  • Install an automatic irrigation system for domestic landscaping and adequately water plants during hot dry periods.

For more information, please read about the HFD's Defensible Space Project or call 510.583.4930.