Library charges & overdue notices

If I return my library items late, is there a charge?
When DVDs are returned late, the fee is .25 cents per day per item. You are charged 25¢ per day for all other items. If an item is overdue more than 35 days, a billing fee of $20 will be charged to your account. You may view your fines and bills at My Library Record, under Unpaid Fines and Bills. Fines can be paid online with a credit or debit card after logging in.

If I receive an overdue message or bill and want to talk to someone at the library, what number do I call?
Contact the Overdues Department at 510.881.7983 or make a service request:


How much will it cost if I lose a library item?
You will be charged for the cost of the lost item plus a non-refundable $6 processing fee.

Will I be stopped from borrowing if I owe money?
Your account is delinquent if there are unpaid charges of $20 or more, or if materials are more than 35 days overdue. That means that you may not borrow more materials or renew others. Delinquent accounts may also be referred to a collection agency.

How can I tell what items I have checked out?
You receive a printout of the material borrowed at the time of checkout. You can check your own record online at My Library Record.

For further information, call the library at 510.881.7983.