Report community appearance problems

Maintaining and preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods benefits everyone in the community. Residential and commercial properties that are poorly maintained or pose a nuisance to the surrounding community can lower property values, negatively impact community pride, and contribute to crime as well as to an increase health and safety problems.

The Code Enforcement Division works in partnership with the community to ensure all properties throughout the City are kept in good condition and in compliance with adopted laws and zoning regulations. Community conditions are primarily regulated through the City's Community Preservation and Improvement Ordinance: Hayward Municipal Code 5.7.00 as well as the City Municipal Code.

Common violations include:

  • Junk, Trash and Debris
  • Overgrown weeds or vegetation
  • Parking on lawn
  • Graffiti on private property
  • Illegal Signs
  • Unsecured vacant buildings

If you are concerned about a property condition, contact Code Enforcement at 510.583.4143.  or make a service request below.