Report illegal auto repair

Maintaining and preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods benefits everyone in the community. Code Enforcement responds to all complaints regarding Residential and commercial properties which may be involved in unpermitted auto motive repair.

In some cases zoning designations such as Single Family Residential (RS) allow for minor repair, However no major automotive repair may take place without required permits. See Section 10-1.240 (l)(4) of the Hayward Municipal Code.

What constitutes illegal (major) auto repairs?

  • Repairs that cannot be completed within 72 hours.
  • Repairs that involve removal of major components of a vehicle such as the engine, transmission, radiator, rear suspension, gas tank or work that requires the placement of the vehicle on blocks with the tires removed.

What types of repairs are permitted?

Those repairs considered minor or "Home Repairs" includes any of the following work which is completed within 48 hours including, but not limited to:

  • Tire changes
  • Battery replacement
  • Changing oil, oil filter, or air filters
  • Replacing brakes or brake pads

Any other minor adjustments or replacement of vehicle parts which can reasonably be expected to be accomplished in within a 48 hour period is also acceptable.

If you have a concern about illegal auto repair, contact Code Enforcement at 510.583.4143.

Or by making a request below: