Report illegal construction

The Unpermitted Construction Program ensures compliance with Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to building permits. Many of these laws can be found in the most recent version of the California Building Code and are available for view at the California Building Standards Commission. Pro-active and complaint driven inspections ensure construction projects are completed in a safe and legal manner and in compliance with building code requirements.

Building permits are the way the City of Hayward regulates construction to ensure that it is safe for occupancy or use. This is done through submitting an application for a new project, plan review as well as periodic inspections to verify compliance with the 2013 California Building Code and local regulations. Every permit requires a building inspection. Some common work requiring building permits are:

For additional information on permit requirements you may contact the Building Division at 510.583.4005.

To report illegal construction contact Code Enforcement at 510.583.4143.