Report illegal garage conversions

The City responds to citizens complaints regarding illegal garage conversions to ensure they are in compliance with Zoning and Building Code regulations.

Since unpermitted garage conversions are considered a potential health and safety hazard, the owner’s timely correction of the violation is essential. A demolition permit issued by the Building Department may be required when structural changes, drywall, plumbing, gas, or electrical work was performed to return the garage to its original use.

Typical illegal garage conversions include:

  • Living or Sleeping unit: bedroom, dining room, den, office, etc., which may include carpeting, heating, electrical, and plumbing connections or fixtures;
  • Kitchen: cooking appliances, counter tops, floor tiling, and gas, electrical, and plumbing connections or fixtures; and
  • Bathroom: unpermitted floor tiling, electrical, plumbing connections, and fixtures, etc.

Violations requiring a building or demolition permit must be inspected and finalized by the Building Division within the timelines provided by the Code Enforcement Inspector.

If you believe a garage has been converted without the required permits, please contact Code Enforcement at 510.583.4143.

Or you can make a service request below: