Report illegal signage

These regulations recognize that the placement, illumination, size, and lack of proper maintenance of signs degrade the aesthetic character of the community that residents, businesses, and visitors enjoy. Specifically, these regulations are intended to:

  • Preserve and improve the appearance of Hayward, and protect the City from visual clutter and blight;
  • Protect property values, encourage economic development and enhance community appearance by ensuring that signs are compatible with the character of surrounding architecture, districts, and neighborhoods;
  • Ensure that signs are designed, constructed, installed, and maintained to have adequate visibility while minimizing diversion of vehicle operators’ attention;
  • Encourage sound signing practices as an aid to business and to inform the public, recognizing that signs have an important way-finding purpose for both drivers and pedestrians;
  • Prohibit or restrict distracting signs, which may impede vehicular and pedestrian safety, including those that block doors or windows
  • Safeguard life, health, property and public welfare by regulating

Signs must be placed in cooperation with the City of Hayward sign regulations to assure compliance with adopted laws and ordinances.Some of the signs prohibited in the city of Hayward include but are not limit to:

  • Signs on public property or right of way, unless otherwise expressly allowed in these regulations.
  • Advertising Banners (Exception: Banners used for promotional event and grand opening banners)
  • Bunting.
  • Cabinet or "Can" Signs.
  • Changeable Copy Signs/Electronic Reader Boards.
  • Dilapidated Sign.
  • Flashing Signs.
  • General Advertising Signs (Off-Premises).
  • Hazardous Signs. (which adversely affect traffic (vehicular, bicycle, or pedestrian) safety.)
  • Home Occupation Signs.
  • Inflatables, Aerial signs and Mylar Balloons.
  • Moving Signs.

If you see a sign that you are concerned with please contact Code Enforcement at: 510.583.4143.

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