Request for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Note: All requests are processed on a case by case bases after completion of the following items:
 1.  All outstanding fees are to be paid in full
 2.  Fire Department has approved fire safety systems.
 3.  Electrical Systems to be completed and safe.
 4.  Job sites with elevator service shall have State Fire Marshal approval of safety components and certification.
 5.  Accessibility to be in substantial conformance. At least one path of travel to be compliant.
 6.  Health Department signed off, should the project require Alameda County Health Department’s approval.
 7.  Landscape requirements


For Required Landscape Improvements for Issuance of Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Deposit (CD) shall be made by the Applicant, and both the Applicant and the City names shall appear and must be connected by the word “and.”: “City of Hayward and Purchaser’s Name”

Required Submittals to the City when requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

1.  A confirmation letter from a manager of the institute where CD account is created to the City’s Landscape Architect, Michelle Koo, stating account number, account amount, project address, building permit number, and purchaser’s name. The CD amount shall be equal to the full contract amount to complete landscape and irrigation improvements as shown on the approved plans. The letter shall state clearly that the account shall not be released without a written letter of release from the City of Hayward.


2.  A copy of the CD account information showing the account type, account number, account amount and purchaser’s name. 


3.  A copy of the signed contract with landscape contractor/general contractor showing the contract amount for completing the work in conformance with the approved landscape and irrigation plans. The contract shall include reference information such as project name and address, client, project description and scope of work.


4.  CD shall be released upon full acceptance of landscape improvements by the City Landscape Architect. A letter of release will be issued to the issuing bank with a copy to the building permit applicant/purchaser. 


There shall be no financial benefit to the building permit applicant/purchaser if the work doesn’t get completed; however, the CD will allow the City to complete the work.