Sign-up to receive emergency alerts from the City, Fire and Police departments

In times of unforeseen events, receiving timely updates and crucial information can make a significant difference. Here, you'll find resources to sign up for emergency alerts, ensuring you stay informed about local, regional, or national emergencies, natural disasters, weather warnings, and other vital notifications. By registering, you empower yourself and your community with the essential knowledge needed to stay safe and take appropriate actions when needed.

  1. AC Alert - A partnership with Alameda County

This new service provides a way to quickly alert you in the event of a local emergency and is free to use. These alerts will provide important information you may need to keep you and your family safe. If there is a safety hazard or concern in your area, you will get a notification on whichever phone number or email you entered when you signed up.

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  1. Zonehaven - Emergency evacuation platform

Knowing your zone is critical to the evacuation process. If there is a wildfire or emergency situation, this is how you will check if you are in an impacted area. Zonehaven Aware establishes a shared map with integrated databases that can be relied upon for communicating and learning about approaching fire and other emergency conditions, and managing evacuations and safe post-disaster return to residences.

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  1. Nixle -Crime bulletins and alerts

Subscribe to Nixle to receive local crime bulletins and alerts automatically to your phone or email. 

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Questions about AC Alert & Zonehaven? Contact the Hayward Fire Department's Public Safety Officer:
Phone: (510) 583-4948 |
Questions about Nixle? Contact the Hayward Police Department's Public Information Officer
Phone: (510) 293-3410 |