Concealed Weapons Permit

The City of Hayward Police Department has adopted the practice of referring private person Concealed Weapon License applicants to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with Penal Code Section 12050(g).

Individuals who reside in Alameda County may apply for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) license. Important elements and considerations in the application and review process are described in the written Alameda County Sheriff's Office CCW Policy. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office process for obtaining a CCW license is not to be taken lightly. California is a "May Issue" state; the decision to grant a CCW license is at the discretion of the County Sheriff or Police Chief. Having a CCW license is a privilege, not an entitlement, and the Courts have ruled that a California CCW license is not guaranteed to all persons under the 2nd Amendment of the United States.

Alameda County Concealed Carry Weapon License

For more information on Carry Concealed Weapon Licenses and the application process, please call the Alameda County Sheriff’s CCW Office at (510) 208-9890.