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Zoning Conformance Permit (ZCP)

Updated: Dec. 5, 2022

A Zoning Conformance Permit is required for apiaries, unattended collection boxes and small livestock/household pets (i.e. hens, ducks, pigeons, rabbits). ZCPs require Planning Director approval and compliance with all the applicable regulations in HMC Section 10-1.2735. ZCPs for apiaries also require public noticing to all properties within 100 feet of the project site.

Submitting an Application:

  1. Contact a City of Hayward Planner: Contact a planner by emailing or calling (510) 583-4216 to determine the requirements and submittal materials. Please include the project address and a detailed description of your project. 
  2. Register for an e-Permit Portal account: You must be a registered user of the Hayward e-Permit Portal before you can submit your application. Learn more about how to register on our e-Permit Portal help page.
  3. Apply for your Plan Type: Using the e-Permit Portal, apply for your Plan by completing the online application and attaching the required submittal materials. Learn more about how to apply for a Plan on our e-Permit Portal help page.

Required Submittal Materials:

The submittal items below are required for this project type.

  • Site Plans: A site plan showing the location of the apiary or unattended collection box on the project site. (Not required for Small Livestock/Household Pets)

Project Review:

Applicants will be notified by email or can login to the e-Permit Portal for updates on their application. ZVLs typically take a month to process.

Paying Fees:

After submitting your application through the e-Permits Portal, the applicant will be promoted to pay the associated fees. The application fee for a ZCP for apiaries and unattended collection boxes is $210 and for small livestock/Household pets is $53.

Is this available in the e-Permit Portal: