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Green Business Program

There are 2,800 certified businesses in California. Join fellow Hayward business leaders and see how you can get certified.
Conserve Water

California is in a drought. Join the effort to conserve our water by replacing toilets and faucets and converting your lawn to drought tolerant landscaping. We have rebates to help.
Energy Upgrade Your Building

Wondering how you can save money on your energy bills? Energy efficiency upgrades to your building are a cost effective way to achieve savings and comfort.
Go Solar

Considering solar for your business? The 30% federal solar tax credit has been extedned! Increasing solar installations is a priority for Hayward's City Council and staff is here to help.
Green Your Commute

Transportation is the largest source of pollution in the Bay Area and the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Learn about programs that promote environmentally friendly commute options and may save your employees money.
Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Protect your workers and Hayward’s shoreline by cutting down on toxic products and disposing them in the correct manner.
Reduce Reuse Recycle Rot

Throwing your waste in the trash costs your business money. Businesses around Hayward are cutting their garbage bills in half by following the 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rot.