Creeks and Bay

Did you ever wonder where the extra water goes during a rainstorm? Stormwater runs into Hayward’s creeks and eventually into the bay. Learn about your watershed. 


What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the system of creeks that bring stormwater from your sidewalk to the bay. Some of Hayward’s creeks are above ground, like the San Lorenzo creek near the Hayward Japanese Gardens. Other creeks are in underground culverts with stormdrain openings along our streets.

Learn about your Watershed

The Alameda County Flood Control District has created an interactive map of every watershed in western Alameda County. Click on your neighborhood to find your watershed and learn about walking trails and restoration efforts.

Interactive Watershed Map

Top three ways you can help keep our creeks and bay clean

1. Throw trash in the can
The trash you throw in the street will eventually end up on the beach or in the bay. Trash is not only ugly to look at, but it pollutes our water and can make animals sick.

2. Garden without toxic chemicals
When people use pesticides to kill the pests in their yards, they create a toxic environment that can be harmful to both humans and animals. Did you know that not all bugs are bad? Some are even beneficial to your garden. Learn more.

3. Keep chemicals, pet waste, soap, and oil away from your storm drain
After a rain storm all the water flows to the nearest creek. That means any pollutant on the street or in your yard gets carried to our water bodies and eventually the bay and ocean. Can you imagine swimming in all the stuff that’s on our streets? Please clean up after your pet and after you change your oil or wash your car.

No trash in the bay