Energy Upgrade Your Home

Energy efficiency upgrades to your home are a cost effective way to achieve savings and comfort for your family. 

See a walk through of an improved home that received funding from Energy Upgrade California.

The Energy Efficiency Pyramid serves as a general reference for you to explore which upgrades might be most cost effective to save energy in your building. The higher you go up the pyramid, the more expensive and complex the improvement. In other words, start at the bottom and work your way up. See the full article on the pyramid at Green Building Advisor.

Home Upgrade Advisors and Rebates

Aren't sure where to start? Home Upgrade is a BayREN program specifically for Bay Area homeowners and implemented by local county governments. The free Home Upgrade Advisors are Building Performance Institute certified energy efficiency professionals who can work with you every step of the way before, during, and after an upgrade. The Home Upgrade program also offers rebates depending on the scope of your project.

Electrification Rebates

Home Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters
Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another rather than generating their own heat by burning fossil fuels like natural gas. Heat pump water heaters can be three times more efficient than conventional gas-powered water heaters and lower your home's emissions from natural gas. Through BayREN, Hayward residents have access to rebates when replacing a gas-powered water heater with an electric heat pump water heater.

Induction Cooktops
Induction cooking uses magnets and electric currents to create heat for cooking. Induction cooking is cleaner, quicker, and safer than cooking with gas or coil electric resistance. BayREN offers a $300 rebate for residents who purchase a qualifying full-range induction cooktop.

Green House Calls

The East Bay Energy Watch, a partnership between local governments and PG&E, provides Green House Calls at no cost to Alameda and Contra Costa County residents though the California Youth Energy Services Program (CYES). Hayward has had the opportunity to host the CYES Program every summer since 2010.

The CYES Program employs young adults, ages 15 to 22, for seven weeks each summer. The Rising Sun Center for Opportunity hires and trains these young energy specialists to serve communities across the Bay Area with no-cost home energy and water assessments, or Green House Calls (GHC). During Green House Calls, energy specialists check homes for efficiency, and install energy and water-saving equipment such as energy-efficient lighting, high-efficiency aerators, showerheads, clotheslines, and power strips. Energy specialists also provide personalized recommendations for further savings.

Due to COVID-19, the summer 2020 Green House Call program is now a contact-free experience. Those interested in participating should start by taking the GHC survey online or at (510) 665-1501 ext 300 with a trained staff member. Approved participants will be mailed kits which include replacement fixtures like LED lightbulbs, advanced power strips, sink aerators, and more. The kits also contain information about programs to achieve deeper energy savings, such as PG&E’s Home Energy Analytics and Home Energy Checkup programs.

For more information about eligibility and how to participate in the Green House Call program, visit


We’re strive to help you achieve energy efficiency as easily and economically as possible by streamlining our permit processes. Permits are required for most energy upgrade projects, such as insulation, replacing windows, and home heating systems. Visit the City's permit page to search for the project that you are considering or visit the Permit Center in person M-Th, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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