Utility Users Tax (UUT)

The Utility Users Tax, first approved by Hayward voters in 2009, was extended during the June 2016 special election.  It is the City's third-largest revenue souce and a major component of public safety funding. It is a 5.5% tax levied on utilities such as electricity, gas and telecommunications.

  1. What is a Utility Users tax (UUT)?
    This is a tax approved by local voters, and assessed on various utilities to raise funds for that jurisdiction. In Hayward, these funds are deposited into the General Fund and help insure that cutbacks to city services such as firefighters, paramedics and police and are kept to a minimum. The voters of Hayward approved this ordinance (Ballot Measure A) on May 19, 2009 and it was extended during the June 7, 2016 special election (Hayward, Measure D). (Utility Users Tax ordinance)
  2. What is the tax rate? When will it end?
    In Hayward the tax rate is 5.5%, and will end June 30, 2039.
  3. Do other cities have a UUT? How do their rates compare to Hayward?
    Over 150 cities in California have implemented a utility user tax as a local revenue source. Cities in Alameda County with a UUT include: Alameda (7.5%); Albany (6.5-7.0%); Berkeley (7.5%); Emeryville (5.5%); Oakland (7.5%); Piedmont (7.5%); San Leandro (5.7-6.0%); Unincorporated Alameda County (6.5%).
  4. How much revenue does the UUT generate annually for the City of Hayward?
    Currently this tax is generating $16.9 million dollars annually, which is 11.9% of the City’s general fund revenues.
  5. What is it charged on?
    • Communication Services – traditional telephone service, including long distance service and ancillary services such as call waiting.
    • Prepaid or billed wireless/cellular phone service and internet telephony services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
    • Video or cable television services.
    • Electricity and Gas (natural or liquid).
  6. Who must pay the UUT?
    The UUT is paid by all Hayward residents and businesses that are utility users. The tax is collected by the utility service providers, and remitted to the City monthly. If unpaid, the utility will refer the debt to the City of Hayward who will use established collection procedures to collect the amount due.
  7. Who is exempt from paying the UUT?
    There are statutory exemptions and low-income exemptions available. Federal and State governments, including public schools and State universities are not required to pay the tax. State law exempts insurance companies and insurance brokers (but not agents) and federal credit unions. Individuals who qualify and are enrolled in the Lifeline telephone program (ULTS) are exempt from the tax. There is also an exemption for households with an annual income that is less than 50% of the median family income for the County of Alameda (as established by HUD). Please call the City of Hayward Revenue Division at 510.583.4600 for any questions, or download a copy of the Low Income application.
  8. My company provides utility service. How do I remit the payment?
    Much of the information can be found at www.uutinfo.org. Your payment must be received by the City no later than the 20th of the month following collection, otherwise penalties and interest will accrue.
  9. Where can I go for additional information?
    You can submit your question through:

 Access Hayward.

You can also call the City of Hayward Revenue Division at 510.583.4610.