Hayward Open For Business


“Hayward Open for Business” is a new video series that highlights the resilience and diversity of our small business community.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, these entrepreneurs endured unprecedented economic disruptions.  Closures of non-essential businesses, prohibitions on indoor dining and rapidly changing consumer spending patterns beginning in March 2020 led to over 450 Hayward businesses closing permanently or temporarily by the end of 2021.  Today, the new normal is setting in and many of these businesses are reopening and bouncing back.  

To thrive again, they need your support.  Business owners have asked the City of Hayward Economic Division to help jumpstart their economic recovery by encouraging customers to return to shopping and dining locally.  Using the federal American Rescue Plan Act funding, this City has partnered with Cal State East Bay’s College of Business & Economics to produce a series of promotional videos to featuring small businesses.  The university’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program students are filming and producing 10 episodes that spotlight Hayward businesses new and old.
Subscribe to the City’s social media channels or check this page as videos are released each month.  Join us and learn about these small businesses’ stories of perseverance, the unique goods and services they offer, and how they have adapted to make shopping and dining safe for you.
Look deeper and discover something different. Hayward is Open for Business.  


Episode 1: Habibis Birria

In this episode of “Hayward Open for Business” we meet the owners of Habibi’s Birria, a MexiTerranean Food restaurant that combines the best of both cultures to create culinary delights like their Gyro Burrito Supreme with lamb and garlic sauce. All meats are Halal. Habibi’s is located at 26005 Eden Landing Road, 510/935-8811.


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