Together for Tennyson Business Directory: Tampa Ave. - Patrick Ave.

The Tennyson Road corridor represents the unique, diverse community of Hayward. Discover some of the many independent, minority-owned businesses that call the corridor home.

Green and grey map of Tennyson Rd. From Tampa to Patrick Ave..

Area 2: Tampa Ave. - Patrick Ave. 

Star #7 

Business Name Type of BusinessAddressPhone #
Botanica HaywardRetail/vape27516 Tampa Ave.(510) 782-9636
Bibi’s FashionsRetail27518 Tampa Ave.(510) 786-3324
Nails UniqueService27520 Tampa Ave.(510) 887-5644
Taxnet USA & ServicesService27522 Tampa Ave.(510) 586-6997
Tarrell Live Scan & NotaryService27526 Tampa Ave.(510) 786-9182
La Placita TaqueriaRestaurant27548 Tampa Ave.(510) 784-0583
Xenias GelatoRestaurant27552 Tampa Ave.(510) 264-0932
Carniceria VillanuevaMarket27556 Tampa Ave.(510) 785-9129
Munch Chinese FoodRestaurant27560 Tampa Ave.(510) 887-3183
Jack in the BoxRestaurant1075 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 887-0733

Star #8

Business NameType of BusinessAddressPhone #
dd’s Discounts Retail1163 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 293-0115
Chavez Supermarket & TaqueriaStore/Restaurant1157 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 783-4052
Panaderia Corona BakeryBakery1162 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 783-6355

Star #9

Business NameType of BusinessAddressPhone #
O’Reilly Auto PartsRetail1194 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 887-7208
Apoyo FinancieroBank1104 W Tennyson Rd. #A(510) 370-3520
Nu FashionRetail1104 W Tennyson Rd. #B(510) 887-0163
Boost MobileRetail1104 W Tennyson Rd. #C(510) 303-0497
Taqueria Eduardo IIRestaurant1104 W Tennyson Rd. #D(510) 732-0254
Tennyson Liquors & DeliMarket/Liquor1190 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 264-0636
Morning Calm Tae Kwon DoService1172 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 781-0513
Y & Y Income Tax ServiceService1174 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 785-3573
Sinaloa SearollRestaurant1162 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 780-0818
Yummy Chinese RestaurantRestaurant1160 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 783-1886
Afghan MarketGrocery1156 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 786-1085
Fashion DepotRetail1154 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 264-1250
WalgreensRetail1138 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 293-9031
99 Cents StoreRetail1114 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 887-0350
3 Geeks Restaurant1108 W Tennyson Rd.(510) 397-2200
Clean Machine Coin-op Laundry Laundry/Service1100 W Tennyson Rd. (510) 782-3563