City Government

Hayward is canna-ready

January 9, 2018

In contrast to much of the Bay Area, Hayward got ahead of the game in 2017 when it comes to implementation of Proposition 64, the state voter-approved law legalizing adult recreational use of cannabis starting Jan. 1, 2018.

Prop. 64 legalized cultivation of marijuana for personal use and provides for state licensing of canna-businesses—but leaves it to local governments to determine, if, where and how these enterprises should be permitted to operate.

While many cities and counties implemented placeholder moratoriums—effectively declining to act—Hayward sought out public opinion, conducted policy research, held legislative hearings, and drafted and then adopted a package of implementing legislation, all of which also took effect Jan. 1.

A land-use ordinance identifies where marijuana cultivation, research, product manufacturing and packaging and retail dispensaries can begin to be located starting in 2018—and limits to three the total number of dispensaries that will be allowed. A companion ordinance establishes a competitive review process for permit applicants. Together, the measures are designed to maximize selectivity in the awarding of permits and flexibility for the city in setting operating conditions.

To see a map of permissible areas for establishment of cannabis businesses in Hayward and for other information, visit the City of Hayward website.