Bill-lowering efficiency kits delivered to your door through Rising Sun “Green House Call” program

July 28, 2020

Local nonprofit Rising Sun Center for Opportunity (Rising Sun) is once again helping Hayward residents make bill-lowering efficiency upgrades through its summertime “Green House Call” program – but with a socially-distant twist. This year, residents need simply respond to a brief survey to have a do-it-yourself efficiency kit delivered right to their door.

Green House Calls typically involve an onsite assessment to determine opportunities for increased water and energy efficiency, followed by on-the-spot installations of upgraded equipment. The installations performed in Hayward last year alone resulted in the prevention of an annual 14.9 metric tons of CO2. This year’s program nixes the onsite assessment for an online or over-the-phone survey, and residents receive customized kits to install the recommended upgrades themselves.

Bay Area renters and homeowners who have not received a Green House Call in the last five years are eligible to participate, and should start by taking the survey online or at (510) 665-1501 ext 300 with a trained staff member. Approved participants will be mailed kits which include replacement fixtures like LED lightbulbs, advanced power strips, sink aerators, and more. The kits also contain information about programs to achieve deeper energy savings, such as PG&E’s Home Energy Analytics and Home Energy Checkup programs.

For more information about eligibility and how to participate in the Green House Call program, visit