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Hayward PD Officer Gifts Bicycle After Scooter Aas Stolen

March 15, 2024

This is why... 

A mother called the police and advised that one of her kid’s scooters had been stolen from her front yard while she was taking her eldest to school. The theft was captured on video, so Officer Barillas responded to investigate.  

The report was taken, the video was reviewed, and the theft was fully investigated... But Officer Barillas didn’t feel like his job was quite done yet. 

He made a call to our District Operations Unit, as they receive year-round toy donations. As luck would have it, a bicycle and some other toys were available for the family! Officer Barillas surprised the family with the toys, and it was no surprise that the “Spiderman” bicycle was young Gonzalo’s favorite! 

This is why we choose this profession. This is why public safety is more than just a job, it is a calling. We don’t do this work for the “feel good story” or even necessarily for a fairytale ending. We choose this profession to restore hope and joy, to bring peace and calm on the worst days, and to bring a little more good than there is bad in these situations.  

This is why.