Sustainable Solutions for Celebrating Easter

March 26, 2024

Spring has sprung and Easter is on the way! Although Easter is a fun family holiday, it can result in a lot of plastic waste. Items such as plastic eggs, plastic grass, candy wrappers, and Easter baskets usually end up in the landfill or create litter. The plastics used in these products are too thin and flimsy to be recycled but luckily there are sustainable alternatives.

When putting together an Easter Basket, Hayward residents are encouraged to consider using a basket that they already have at home. Alternatively, seeking out second-hand or sustainably sourced wicker baskets is an easy way to find high-quality baskets that can withstand years of reuse.  Shredded paper can be repurposed into the “grass” that provides filling in easter baskets and can later be disposed of in the compost bin.  

If residents still have plastic Easter Eggs from last year, reusing them and saving them for next year can be a great way to limit Easter waste. If purchasing hollow Easter eggs for egg hunts, there are environmentally friendly options made of paper or wood that can be filled with goodies and painted as a fun craft.  

When purchasing candy, prioritize brands with minimal recyclable packaging from a fair-trade companies. This indicates that the company is not only environmentally responsible but also that it implements ethical production practices. 

Further, be conscious of food waste when planning Easter meals or hard-boiled egg crafts, not making more than you and your loved ones can consume, and remember to toss all food scraps in the compost.  

By embracing these sustainable solutions, Hayward residents can practice their Easter celebrations in an environmentally friendly way and keep the City clean and beautiful.