What waste goes where: Thanksgiving edition

November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year, and it’s easy for good waste sorting practices to fall by the wayside. Ensure your feast is prepped and cleaned up as sustainably as possible with these simple tips.

Don’t Pour Turkey Grease, Oils, or Fats Down the Drain
A pan of turkey grease is an unavoidable part of any oven-baked bird. If you end up with more than you can soak up with stuffing or whip up into gravy, be sure to discard it properly. Once cooled, pour all grease into a sturdy paper container like an empty box or egg carton. Be sure to capture as much grease as possible by wiping greasy pans and dishes with a paper towel or newspaper. Then, place all soiled paper items directly into the green organics bin. Fats, oils, and greases should never be directly poured down drains or garbage disposals.

Broken Glass Goes in the Trash
No holiday party is complete without a few party fouls. A broken plate, cup, wine glass, or baking dish is fine, but these types of glassware are not recyclable and should be placed in the trash.

Love your Leftovers
Each year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, about 200 million pounds of turkey meat is thrown out over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday week. This wasted meat has a carbon footprint equal to that of 800,000 cars driving from Los Angeles to Florida. Properly storing leftovers in your freezer enables you to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast during the holiday season and beyond. Bought too many of your nonperishable favorites? Consider sharing your surplus with the community. Checkout StopWaste’s Recycle Where? Tool for more information about opportunities for local food donation.

For a more comprehensive list of sorting dos and don’ts, view Waste Management’s new recycling guides for residents and businesses.