Solar and electric vehicle discounts through SunShares

October 23, 2018

solar panels on a red-orange Spanish tile roof against a blue-partly cloudy sky.

Hayward and 49 other Bay Area Cities and employers have teamed up again this year to make going green more affordable.

These discounts are offered through SunShares, a program that pools the buying power of individual participants to get more competitive pricing from solar and electric vehicle companies. The program also provides third-party information on clean energy options at free workshops.

By registering with SunShares, homeowners can receive access to a no-obligation consultation for installing rooftop solar on their home.  They can also secure quotes for a turnkey installation at 15 percent below market rates from pre-vetted providers.  Drivers can get discounts on electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the thousands of dollars, and renters can get advice on ways to plug into the renewable energy being purchased through their local energy aggregation networks, such as East Bay Community Energy.

Residents throughout the nine Bay Area counties, including Yolo and Sacramento Counties, are eligible to participate in this program.  The pre-vetted vendors are selected by a community evaluation committee following a competitive RFP process.  If you would like to learn more about SunShares, consider attending a local workshop or webinar.

Those interested in taking advantage of this year’s pre-negotiated discounts must register by Nov. 15.