Hayward going carbon free

September 11, 2018

East Bay Clean Energy Informational graphic: Showing EBCE as the energy source, PGE as the delivery method and you as the customer

Hayward is on the verge of becoming both one of the first and the largest Bay Area city to move onto entirely carbon-free sources of electrical power generation.

The move began in March with a City Council vote selecting an electricity product for Hayward customers being shifted off Pacific Gas and Electric Company-supplied electricity and onto power supplied by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE).

EBCE is what is known in the energy industry as a community choice energy program.  It is one of several such nonprofit agencies being formed by local governments in the Bay Area and across California to provide a locally controlled alternative to electricity procured by PG&E and other investor-owned utility monopolies.

In June, Hayward commercial and public agency electricity customers were transitioned off PG&E power and onto EBCE supply.  In late September and October, Hayward residential customers will follow.  Customers enrolled in PG&E’s net energy metering program (generally customers with solar power) will be transitioned throughout 2019 based on each customer’s PG&E “True-Up” date—when monthly net energy charges and credits are reconciled.

The goal of EBCE and other agencies like it is to provide a cleaner, greener, more affordable choice of electricity without sacrificing reliability.  Under the system, PG&E remains responsible for electricity transmission, maintaining electricity distribution infrastructure, and customer service and billing.