Hayward considering electric-only requirement for new development

September 24, 2019

The City of Hayward is working with East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) to develop a draft "reach code" to electrify buildings and vehicles. Utilizing electric appliances and vehicles rather than those fueled by natural gas or gasoline can significantly reduce a building’s carbon footprint while improving air quality both inside the building and in the community at large. 

Every three years, the State of California adopts a new Building Standards Code -- also referred to as Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. However, cities and counties can adopt more advanced building codes requiring even higher building standards than those of the State. These above-and-beyond local standards are called reach codes.  

Alameda County cities including Hayward, Fremont, Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville, and Oakland are currently developing reach codes which would mandate that new development include electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and either require or incentivize the construction of new buildings without natural gas service.  

Here in Hayward, most residents and business owners receive 100% carbon-free electricity from EBCE, so electrifying new buildings and encouraging the electrification of personal vehicles would bring Hayward even closer to the City’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. 

Residents, business owners, and developers are encouraged to join in the conversation around a possible electrification reach code by emailing More information about the reach code development process, including draft codes and upcoming meetings can be found online at