Upgrade your East Bay Community Energy plan to 100% renewable energy before automatic changes take place on Jan. 1, 2022

September 28, 2021

The Hayward City Council recently voted to make Renewable 100 the new default electricity product for Hayward customers served by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE). The new default product, which is 100 percent sourced from solar and wind energy in California, was selected following EBCE’s announcement that Brilliant 100, the current default product in Hayward, will sunset on Jan. 1, 2022. Customers enrolled in income or medical-related discount programs and customers who have previously opted down to the Bright Choice product will remain on their current plan when the default product switches.

Opt-Up to Renewable 100 Today: While most will be automatically opted up to the Renewable 100 product on Jan. 1, customers can also opt into Renewable 100 today to start getting 100 percent renewable energy even sooner. Opting up to Renewable 100 will, for most customers, result in a $4 to $5 increase in their monthly bill. To change your electricity product to Renewable 100, fill out the opt up form here.

Opt-Down to Bright Choice Today: Bright Choice is sourced from a power mix including 33 percent renewable energy, and has a slightly lower rate than PG&E. Customers may opt down to the Bright Choice product on the EBCE website at any time. Customers can also choose to opt out of EBCE and return to PG&E service on the same webpage. For more information on changing your electricity product, visit the EBCE website or call EBCE at 833-699-EBCE (3223) to speak with a representative directly to learn more about your options.

Enroll in Discount Programs: There are several programs available to help reduce the cost of your electricity and natural gas bill. The CARE Program provides low-income customers a 35 percent discount on their electric bill and a 20 percent discount on their natural gas bill. To learn if you qualify for the CARE Program and how to enroll, click here. Residents who need a medical device to treat ongoing medical conditions may qualify for the Medical Baseline Program. To learn if you qualify for the Medical Baseline Program and how to enroll, click here. For more information about energy bill discount programs, visit

EBCE customers can also take advantage of a number of other programs which provide affordable access to renewable energy:

  • Free solar for lower-income homes: To increase the adoption of solar, the statewide Disadvantaged Communities – Single Family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program offers affordable solar to EBCE residential customers. Learn more here.
  • EBCE’s Resilient Home program: This limited-time program makes it simple for EBCE customers to determine if a solar and battery backup system is right for them by providing free quotes and pre-negotiated pricing. Learn more here.
  • Rebates for all-electric appliances: Upgrade your home appliances to cleaner, low-carbon alternatives. When you do, you’ll improve health and safety, reduce overall carbon emissions, and save money. Rebates are available for all-electric induction cooktops and heat pump water heaters. Learn more here.
  • Rising Sun’s Green House Call program for renters and homeowners: Complete a 10-minute online survey to determine your personalized efficiency needs and receive a free energy and water efficiency kit with installation instructions, delivered directly to your door. Learn more here.