Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU)

Updated: Mar. 10, 2023

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are defined as complete independent dwelling units that have permenant provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) are semi-independant dwelling units no larger than 500 square-feet within a portion of an existing or proposed single-family home such as a garage, great room, home office, etc. All ADU and JADU permits shall be submitted directly though the Hayward e-Permit Portal . All projects are reviewed for complaince with applicable California State Codes and California State Law. Check out our ADU Checklists and FAQ in Handouts for more information. 

Submitting an Application:

  1. Contact a City of Hayward Planner: Contact a planner by emailing or calling (510) 583-4216 to determine if the project site is eligible for an Adu and application submittal materials. Please include the project address and a detailed description of your project.
  2. Register for an e-Permit Portal account: You must be a registered user of the Hayward e-Permit Portal before you can submit your application. Learn more about how to register on our e-Permit Portal help page.
  3. Apply for your Plan Type: Using the e-Permit Portal, apply for your permit by completing the online application and attaching the required submittal materials. Learn more about how to apply for a permit on our e-Permit Portal help page.

Required Submittal Materials:

The submittal items below are required for this project type. Please note additional submittal items may be required depending on the project scope. 

  • Construction Documents: Construction documents including a site plan, floor plan, elevations (existing and proposed), sections, details, T-24 energy report. Plans shall be formatted on standard architectural sheets: 18” x 24” or 24” x 36”. All sheets in the set shall be the same size. T-24 energy forms shall be scanned onto the sheets. Structural calculations, if required, can be submitted separately. All plans shall meet professional drafting standards.
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Checklist: A complete checklist for the applicable project type ( Single-Family Residence ADU, Single-Family Residence JADU or Multi-Family ADU) (See Checklists in Handouts)
  • Property Legal Description: A copy of the property legal description typically found on the Property's Title Report or Grant Deed (Only required for JADUs)
  • Owner Authorization Form: Only required if the applicant is not the property owner. (See Owner Authorization Form in Handouts)

Project Review:

Applicants will be notified by email or can login to the e-Permit Portal for updates on their application. Standard review times are available to view online via our E-Permit Portal. 

Paying Fees:

A Plan Review Fee is due prior to project review. All other permits fees are due when the permits are ready for issuance. There is a detailed list of specific development fees on our Permit Center webpage. After submitting your application, staff will reach out with instructions to complete the required payment.


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