City of Hayward Joins Global Movement to Disclose Emissions Data

August 22, 2016

The City of Hayward joined 533 cities, including Johannesburg, London, New York, São Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo in disclosing greenhouse gas emissions data and climate change related information through CDP, an international carbon reporting platform.

CDP’s disclosure platform helps cities, businesses and investors better understand the risks and opportunities climate change presents, and promotes transparency on this important issue. CDP saw a 70% increase in participating cities this year, following a surge of international attention on climate change surrounding the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 21) in Paris last December.

This is the second year that the City of Hayward has reported to CDP. Disclosure to CDP covers local risks from climate change, actions the City is taking through its Climate Action Plan, and details on city-wide and municipal greenhouse gas emissions. The City also displays metrics on progress towards environmental goals, such as waste diversion and water savings, on the City website through our Sustainability Dashboard.

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Contact: Zoe Tcholak-Antitch, Communications