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No-cost residential chipping and assistance program reopens Aug. 13

August 10, 2021

A man putting tree branches into a wood chipper

The Hayward Fire Department will begin accepting applications on Friday, Aug. 13, from residents in the Hayward Hills, Fairview and Five Canyons who are interested in participating in the department’s no-cost Residential Chipping and Assistance Program.

Under the program, residents cut, gather and stack their own branches to be chipped at the front of their property.  A chipping contractor hired by the City of Hayward will be scheduled sometime during the weeks of Sept. 13 to Oct. 15 to come by each property to complete the work.

Through the program, some funding is available to help qualifying senior residents, people with disabilities and low-income households cover the cost of gathering and stacking the branches and vegetation.

Residential properties east of Mission Boulevard and south of D Street to the border of Union City are areas considered to be at relatively high risk of fire due to proximity to open spaces.

To learn more about no-cost residential chipping and apply to participate, go online to the program page here on the Hayward Fire Department website.  To determine eligibility for funding support to cover the cost of gathering and stacking material to be chipped, please email the Hayward Fire Department at, and include your full name and residential address.