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City announces 2018 grant programs for seismic strengthening of qualifying single-family homes

Programs fund retrofit work on pre-1979, wood-frame houses considered most vulnerable in the event of an earthquake

January 23, 2018

HAYWARD, Calif., Jan. 23, 2018—The City of Hayward announced today the availability of earthquake retrofit grants for qualifying single-family homes—including the opening of the 30-day application period for 2018 State of California brace-and-bolt awards of up to $3,000 a piece.

The California Office of Emergency Services and California Earthquake Authority’s Earthquake Brace + Bolt program was developed to help homeowners lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake by making them more resistant to ground shaking and soil failure.

The retrofits involve bolting a house to its foundation and adding plywood bracing around the parameter of the crawlspace.  Brace + Bolt provides up to $3,000 toward the cost of a retrofit awarded via a lottery of eligible homeowners.

In addition, the City of Hayward Brace & Bolt program serves Hayward residents of owner-occupied homes.  Using federal funds, the program covers the full cost of brace-and-bolt retrofits for homeowners who are seniors, have disabilities or are low-income earners.

To qualify for the state and city programs, a house must have been constructed prior to 1979 with wood framing, a crawl space and a raised foundation.

To learn more and download a city Brace & Bolt application, visit the City of Hayward website.

Download the full Brace and Bolt News Release.