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AC Alert is Hayward’s new mass notification system

July 9, 2019

Overlooking Hayward from the Stonebrae golf course in the evening. The words AC Alert are over the image.

The City of Hayward and Fairview Fire Protection District have moved to a new mass notification alert system called AC Alert.

AC Alert is a free system that provides a way to quickly alert members of the public in the event of a local emergency and steps people may need to take to keep themselves and family members safe.

Effective July 1, AC Alert replaced the CodeRED alert system in Hayward and the Fairview Fire Protection District. It requires people who want to receive AC Alert notifications to join online, by emailing, or by calling the Hayward Fire Department Emergency Service Office at (510) 583-4948. Subscriber data from the CodeRED alert system cannot be automatically transferred to AC Alert.

AC Alert users can subscribe for notifications based on multiple locations—for any residence, workplace, school or other location—as well as by entire cities within County of Alameda. If a safety hazard or concern arises, a notification will be sent to the device provided by the subscriber.

Once an AC Alert message is received, a subscriber can confirm receipt, and the system will stop sending the initial notification. If a subscriber does not confirm receipt of an alert, the system will continue to attempt to reach the subscriber using all contact data provided. For more information, visit the Hayward Fire Department’s AC Alert webpage.