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SunShares makes going solar and purchasing EVs more affordable for Bay Area residents

July 23, 2019

Starting Thursday, August 1, Bay Area residents who register with SunShares can get access to discounts on going solar and purchasing electric vehicles.

SunShares is a program offered by the Business Council on Climate Change, whose goal is to use the power of community to increase clean energy and address climate change. Hayward has been a member City of the program since 2016, providing residents a platform through which to lower their carbon footprint by generating clean power and reducing their vehicle emissions.

Residents who sign up for this year’s SunShares program will have access to renewable energy education materials and workshops, discounts on solar panels and electric vehicles from local businesses, and free technical advice to help them make informed decisions about these technologies.

This year, participants will also gain access to information about switching their home heating, water heating, and cooking appliances from gas to electric. Transitioning away from fossil fuels like gas to clean electricity doesn’t just reduce a home’s carbon footprint; it’s also safer for its occupants.

SunShares 2019 registration will be open from August 1 to November 15. For more information, visit